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Nature Reveals the Secret of Success

Learn to trust the process of life

By Mindy L. Hitchcock

Nature teaches us that the way to thrive is to let go of the past, and never stop growing and giving. Look at the trees and flowers around you. Each fall, old leaves drop and die. Old blooms fall to the ground. Mixing with the soil, they create a rich environment for future growth. Plants release their seeds to be nurtured in this fertile ground.


No plant struggles to hold onto what it no longer needs, clinging to dead blossoms, afraid there will be nothing new to take their place. With total trust in the process of Life, they release the old. Their willingness to discard what they no longer need is vital, for it creates the fertile soil to support new growth. It also keeps them healthy.


These plants lie dormant in colder parts of the country, like Michigan. They seem to be dead. To look at them, one would never believe they were once green and flourishing plants, much less that they ever will be again. But after a period of hybernation, the warmth returns, and these plants once again astound us with their beauty, growing taller and stronger, and teaching us the secret of success:

Release the negative past, retain what is useful, and plant the seeds of what is essentially your own. You can bloom in the power of your own magnificence, when you learn to trust in the process of Life.