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How tough is it, really, to live a happy, successful life?

 By Mindy L. Hitchcock

On his business card Joe Girard has a slogan that says, "The elevator to success, happiness, and peace of mind is broken. You have to take the stairs, one step at a time." He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's greatest salesman. Louise L. Hay, referring to the Law of Karma, tells us that "What you send out comes back." And of course, long before either of them ever walked this Earth, Jesus told us "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That is the Golden Rule.

And that's it, folks. There are no shortcuts. To enjoy the happiness, success, and peace of mind you deserve, you must take it one step at a time. Find whatever areas in your life need cleaning up, and clean them up! The infinite organizing power of the Universe has an exact system of checks and balances, which cannot be circumvented.

Do people gossip about you? Who do you gossip about? Do people take from you? Who have you stolen from? Many people are offended to hear this, and self-righteously proclaim that they would never steal from others. But what about pens or other office supplies from work? What about robbing someone of their self-esteem? By stealing from others, we send a message to the Universe that we are not capable of obtaining the good we want, so we have to steal it. And that message will be reflected back to us in our lives.

It boils down to this: your subconscious mind has no sense of humor. The messages you send it will be the experiences you get back. If you think that life is lonely, and that members of the opposite sex can't be trusted, that is exactly what life will be like for you. When you find the areas of your life that don't work, and trace it back to the thoughts you have been having that influence your actions, try changing your thoughts. For example, instead of believing that life is lonely, begin to affirm that "Life is a joy and I am loving and lovable." Persist, and loving people will begin to enter your life, and/or the people already in your life will become more loving.

Each day, as you begin to affirm the good things you want, start eliminating the practices that hold you back. Don't steal, not even a little bit, from anyone! Don't cheat the Universe. Speak well of others, or don't speak at all. When you make a promise, keep it. Give what you want to receive.

The wealthy have a practice that keeps them way ahead of the game. They also teach it to their children. Whenever they receive money, they set some aside: to save, to invest, and to tithe (or give away to charity). They live on only a small percentage of their income, while the rest of us live on 105% of our income. But this simple practice embodies the Golden Rule, the Law of Karma, and Joe Girard's rule for success. God is our business partner. He only asks for 10%. That's a very low price for such a powerful business partner! It isn't that God needs to receive, it is that we need to give. And when we give what we want to receive, we will receive it, in all areas of life. One step at a time.