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Wealth and Spirituality - Friends or Foes?

Is money really the root of all evil, or is it an expression of spiritual energy and abundance, to which we are all entitled?

By Mindy L. Hitchcock

I recently read an article by an author asking if it was wrong to charge for performing spiritual services. She said that she had been bombarded with "spiritual" people chastising her for wanting to be paid for spiritually-related services.

This brought to mind the ages-old myth that it is somehow "evil" to be rich; to have money, and that poverty is infinitely more holy. Has anyone ever noticed that, although Jesus was the son of a carpenter, He did not spend his days sawing and hammering? Let's face it; if He had, He would never have had time to offer the great wisdom He shared with His contemporaries, and with us all. No, Jesus' needs were all taken care of, and rightfully so, by His followers, who valued His great spiritual gifts.

There is nothing wrong with being rich, and in fact, it is a lot easier to be rich and spiritual, than it is to be poor and spiritual. When you are poor, you are too busy "catching hell"; i.e., trying to survive, and eat, to spend much time on spiritual pursuits. When you are wealthy, you can share your spirituality with a greater number of people, and do more good things. Money is energy.  It is every bit as spiritual as a rose. Money does not make a person good or bad. There are just as many stingy poor people as stingy rich people, if not more.

Money is simply an agreement, a symbol of energy. And everything is made up of energy, in differing forms and various degrees. Understanding this, what can we do to increase our spirituality, and our wealth?

First of all, let's go through our minds, and search out all of the poverty thoughts from our childhood. Here's a few from my childhood: "There's never enough," "Rich people are crooks," "We'll never be rich," "Poor like Jesus," "Money isn't important," "Money is the root of all evil, " etc. Now, write them all down, and take a look at what has been holding you back.

Now, get a new sheet of paper. Begin to write positive affirmations, such as "I am willing to move past my parents' limitations." "Everything I need to know is revealed to me, and everything I need comes to me." "I am Divinely protected and guided, and my way is made smooth and easy." "My net income is constantly increasing." Pick a couple that resonate with you, and write them 25 times per day for at least a week. Sing songs with them in it, or just repeat the words.   Have fun with it!

Next, begin to make friends with money. How do you treat your money? Is it all balled up in your wallet or purse? Is it stuffed in a drawer? If so, straighten out those bills, line them up in order the same way, and neatly fold them back up. Treat them with respect, and love.

When you pay your bills, begin to bless each bill with love. And when you write your checks, give each one a little kiss and say to the creditor, "Thank you for trusting me." Be grateful for the bills you CAN pay, instead of always lamenting, "It's never enough." It never will be, if you keep saying that!


Begin to look for abundance in everything. Notice the abundance of clouds in the sky, the abundance of leaves on a plant, the profusion of flowers, the myriad grains of sand. Start each day by counting the good things in your life, and end each day by acknowledging all that you have accomplished. Understand that abundance, or wealth, is all around you, and that the only reason it is not in your life is your OWN subconscious decision to block it, deny it, or reject it, so that you can make your "life scripts" true for you. If you are ready to receive, let the Universe know!

At least once a day, open your arms as wide as you can and say "I am open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance of the Universe!" Say it as if you mean it.  Another thing to try is a visualization, called the "Ocean of Abundance," created by Louise Hay.  Imagine you are standing in front of a vast ocean. On either side of you, there are other people, also wanting to partake of the ocean of abundance.

Each one of you has a container, as you scoop up the water from the ocean. Look in your own hands and see what you are holding. Is it a cup, is it a teaspoon with a hole in it, is it a vase, or a tub? Maybe you have a pipeline hooked up! Just notice what is in your hand. This is symbolic of your current prosperity consciousness. If you have a cracked cup in your hand, not to worry; YOU have the power to change that container, simply by changing your consciousness.

Visualize yourself with an ever larger container, and know that, no matter how much you or anyone else takes, the ocean will never run dry. When it comes to wealth, now is the time to realize that this is a world of too much money, instead of not enough. Begin to get a sense of the largeness of life. Start to see the other side of the coin.

     In my life, learning to claim my abundance included all the things I have mentioned in parts one and two of this article, along with a very important extra. One day, while in a bookstore to get my son a book for school, I happened to glance at a bookshelf. There, right at eye level, was the audio book entitled "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." My inner wisdom said, "Buy it," although it was not a book that ordinarily would have interested me.

     In my life, however, part of truly tuning in to my own abundance was learning financial literacy, something I sorely lacked. That book got me started on my path to financial literacy, a path I continue on now with additional study of financial knowledge, and accounting classes. Although "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," is an excellent series and has helped me greatly, I do not contend that this is the only way to gain such knowledge. Remember this affirmation: "Everything I need to know is revealed to me, and everything I need comes to me, in the perfect time-space sequence."

The same is true for you. Practice the above affirmations and visualizations, learn what you REALLY believe about money, and let your own inner wisdom guide you. You are on a wonderful journey of knowledge and fulfillment. Enjoy your trip!

AFFIRMATION:  I deserve and willingly accept an abundance of prosperity in my life.