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Achieve Your Dreams: Formerly Louise Hay Teachers.com

A Course in Miracles: (Foundation for Inner Peace)

Amazing Mystical World: India, land of mysteries and more, explore this amazing world where any impossible thing is possible.

AwakenVisions.com visionary art and inspiration

Arcana: Experience magic, from Angel Messages to Tarot readings with leading internet psychic and columnist Zsuzsana. Let's walk together!

Astral Hearts: Personal and Classifieds for metaphysically-minded people.

Astrostar Astrology

Castlebooks: Articles, interviews, essays and Teacher lesson plans on the Hero Mythology of Joseph Campbell.

Clinical Depression: Symptoms, Treatment, and Help: Novo Vitae depression community exists to help those suffering from depression.

Crappy to Happy: Small Steps to Big Happiness NOW!

152 on-target, yet hysterical pearls of wisdom by Randy Peyser for finding greater happiness right now!

Don Durrett: New Age author, Donald D. Durrett, author of Enlighenment Stories.

Feature Articles with Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, and YOU! Randy Peyser's editorial services include web site text, book editing, press releases, much more. Also interviews with the "Who's Who of the New Age."

FREE expert advice

Louise L. Hay's Website
Louise Hay's Own Website.

Healing Hearts Holistic Health Care: Reiki healing in Michigan; Cherianne Burmeister, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

Health Shaman: Delicious, Cranberry-Flavored, 100% Whole-Food (plant based) Seasilver contains every Vitamin, Macro Mineral, Trace Mineral, Amino Acid and Enzyme know to Man in Nature's perfect balance

Higher Awareness

IdeaMarketer - Writer's Showcase and Free Publisher's Toolbox Ezine Builder!


In Light Times: On-Line version of Metaphysical Newspaper presents concepts for conscious living and spiritual growth. Feature stories, health, spirituality, astrology, reviews, more.

Journal of Healing: An online journal whose mission is to be a bridge between holistic professionals and readers who seek to realize their wholeness.


Karen Serenity: "Positive Thinking Transsexual Women"
Affirmative Examples of Positive Thinking, Successful,
Inspirational, Pathfinding, Post-Operative, Male-to-Female,
Transsexual Role Models and their Motivational Real Life Stories.

Lady4Justice Law Offices

Lady4Justice PLLC: Holistic law for families of all types. Straight but not narrow.

Life Cycles in Time and Synchronicity Coincidences:
Insight in your course of life through life cycles and repetitive coincidences.

Les Brown: The Motivator!

MAC Pharma Network: A unique online health resource with information on hundreds of diseases and drugs along with a popular offshore based internet pharmacy.

Midlife Fairy Godmother: Tired of watching everyone else go to the ball?

Mindy's Listing on AchieveYourDreamsTeachers.com

Moonspirits World: Offers custom channeling ouija boards, pendulums, pendulum board, online
oracles, chat, and more.

Moonsurfing.com: Lunar astrology tool to cultivate the garden of our souls by revealing the metaphysical influence of the moon's phases on everyday life.

Mystic Gems: Dedicated to bringing the uplifting and healing energies of gemstones to others, designer Melissa Disbury offers unique handcrafted jewelry and products. There is much to discover here; come and explore!

New Every Moment: New Thought is a still-evolving, more than century-old health, wealth, and happiness producing movement."

NewAge On-Line Australia

New Age Travel: Information and referrals for travel to sacred sites and places of power.

The Om Sakthi Organization

onetruelove.net One True Love

Peaceful Paths: There are many paths to the same destination; know that your light is brilliant. Books, music, art, Edgar Cayce and others products for your Spirit and Wholeness.

Come see us!

Penny Properties
We buy houses. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

phenomeNEWS The oldest metaphysical, holistic, spiritual, inspirational publication of its kind in the United States since 1978.
Printed and updated monthly, phenomeNEWS is loaded with informative and uplifting articles from everything to do with health, self improvement, spirituality and overall well being.

Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore: For books, audios, incense, tarot decks, healing crystals, etc., plus news, reviews, free Message Board and New Age Link Directory.

Pre-Paid Legal Services: Level the playing field! True equal justice for all.

Quan Yin Unconditional Love: Site owner, the "Unconditional Love Guy," author of "Experience Unconditional Love This Year."

Rainbow Crystal: Resources for Well-Being; Gifts with Spirit, Hundreds of articles and products related to vibrational healing and more. E-mail courses, consultations, and Reiki in upstate New York. Free monthly newsletters.

Reiki News

Reiki Questions: A Reiki answering service for practitioners and individuals interested in learning more about Reiki.

Relationship Repair: A relationship book that speaks to how subtle hurt in a relationship wounds the soul as much as abuse and adresses how one can repair hurt by their ability to show love, respect, and honesty.

Remembering Wholeness, A Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century: Carol Tuttle's newest book in on the cutting edge of transformational healing, a spiritual uplift for anyone ready to release their limiting patterns and beliefs.

Robert Toth, Artist

Self-Worth.Com: Home of the Motivational Mailer.
Inspirational stories, encouraging quotes, a touch of humor and
heart warming cartoons. If you are looking for uplifting messages and positive thoughts, Self-Worth .Com is a great place to visit.

Seniors Search.Com

Shanti Village: Alternative medicine and natural healing website in Australia. Topics include Internal cleansing, oxygen colon cleansing, holistic colon hydrotherapy (colonics), fasting, other internal cleansing modalities, intestinal problems, cleansing equipment, parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, Zapper, colloidal silver, Ayurveda, flower essences, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more.

Spiritual Light Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars,and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.

Spirit Network

Spirit's Journey: Spirit's Journey provides Spirituality, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and New Age info, Purchase and Free Books, Chats, Forums and Much more.

Tarot Decks: By Pilgrims is an information and resources website dedicated to the Tarot and its related subjects

The Awakened Heart

The Daily Guru: FREE inspirational message sent to
you each day

The Feng Shui Way - Learn the basics of Feng Shui to enhance your life in the areas of health, wealth, prosperity and more. Free Newsletter, Lowest Price Guarantee products.

The Healing Place

Transformational Thinking Thinking philosophy for personal and business development, offering skill-based programs to enhance thinking and improve decision making. Free programs available online.

Universal Life Church: Become an ordained minister, and more.

Web Spirit

ZENZIBAR Alternative Culture