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Accessing the Power of Your Mind To Create A Life You Love

By Randy Peyser

Mindy Hitchcock's life might have looked idyllic on the outside...By the time she had reached her early 40's, in addition to a career as a criminal lawyer, she sported a black belt in karate, and was in phenomenal shape.  She had also been married for 23 years to the same man, with whom she had 2 beautiful children, fraternal twins, now in their teens.   On the inside, however, Mindy's life was anything but idyllic - the criminal lawyer was about to make a decision that would alter her world forever.  

At age 22, Mindy had married Charles, a man from a different ethnic background who was more than twice her age. Rejected by her family for her choice, Mindy moved straight from her parent’s home into the home of yet another parental figure – her new husband.

Over the years of their marriage, Charles, a former Army drill sergeant, treated Mindy like one of his buck privates. Not only did he rule over Mindy with an iron fist, he made every major decision about her life – for better or worse. For example, it was Charles who decided that Mindy should go to law school – so she could get his buddies out of jail!

The last thing that Mindy had ever wanted to do was defend felons, but she obeyed her husband and went on to earn her law degree. She passed the bar in Michigan and later in Florida, whereupon her husband began taking her to the prisons to visit her new clients.

Criminal law scared Mindy.  For one thing, she lacked the pit bull personality of a criminal lawyer, and secondly, her clients were nefarious beings that refused to take responsibility for their actions and threatened her when things didn't go as they'd expected.

When Mindy's twins enrolled in a karate class, she decided to try the martial art form as well.  At least this way, if one of her clients ever lunged at her, she'd be able to protect herself.  While studying karate, Mindy discovered the wisdom of Bruce Lee.  In addition to being one of the world's top martial artists, Bruce Lee was also a Zen Buddhist philosopher.  Mindy contemplated his words...

"Wisdom does not consist of trying to wrest the good from the evil, but rather in learning to 'ride' them, as a cork adapts itself to the crests and troughs of the waves."

She thought about how a cork bobbed and floated.   It had no opinion about whether things were good or bad.  When the waves went up, it went up.  When the waves went down, it went down.  It  went with the flow.  She wondered if she could ride through the good and bad times in her life as easily as a cork would bob upon the water.  She would soon have the opportunity to find out.

Back at home, Charles had developed an out-of-control gambling habit, to the point where a huge loss left  him hiding in the house for fear of being killed.  While at home, Charles refused to cook for the kids, or take care of the house or yard; that was all "woman's work."

So, in addition to her full time career and being responsible for paying most of the bills, Mindy also took care of the house, the yard, and the kids.    However, Charles still bossed Mindy around and made all decisions.   Mindy wondered, "How can I have authority as a lawyer, when at home, I'm treated like a child?"

One night, as she sat in her meditation corner, eyeing the flame of a single candle, she heard an inner voice, clear as day.  It was the kind of revelation that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up..."You will never grow up as long as you're living with Charles."

After her epiphany in front of the candle, Mindy repeated to Charles the words she had heard, not even grasping their full implication.   At this point in her life, she did not have the courage to stand up to him!   Charles  hit the roof.  He tried to intimidate her by threatening to leave the children's lives forever.  The threat angered Mindy, and actually gave her courage.  She held firm.  That very night, Charles moved out.

At first, Mindy was overcome with panic and endured countless sleepless nights. Even though she had been paying most of the bills, the thought of not having Charles to turn to, scared her. Having gone from her parent’s home directly to Charles’ home, she had never been solely responsible for anything in her life. Complicating the matter, Charles, who was still furious, was trying to turn the twins against her by saying things like, “Everything was perfect until your mother ruined it by breaking up the family.”

Having gained inner strength and confidence through the martial arts, however, Mindy next discovered the work of Louise Hay, an author who promoted the idea that your thoughts create your future.  By changing one's thoughts, or inner world, one could change one's outer world.  She put Louise Hay's theory to the test... 

Mindy was chronically late for court.  Although she always seemed to have a good excuse, the truth was that she resented her husband for having pushed her into this career, and she did not want to be there.  Showing up late was her way of getting back at him.

She realized that just as her criminal clients blamed everybody for the state of their lives, she too, had spent her adult life blaming her husband for her job. It was time for her to claim her own power.

Using Louise Hay's affirmation techniques, Mindy began a daily practice of saying, "I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing."  She also decided to quit pretending to be something she wasn't.  Being a pit bull was not a part of her character.  Neither was it truly in her character to represent hardened criminals.

Intead, she joined an organization called the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers (IAHL) and began attracting new kinds of clients. She talked about the benefits of creating win-win situations instead of going for the jugular, just for the sake of hurting another. She began to steer her practice toward divorce law, sharing the wisdom she had gained both as a child of divorce, and from her own divorce as well.

Within two months, Mindy was arriving on time for court every day.  Her connections with her clients grew stronger and more meaningful than ever before, and her income began to increase.  A new affirmation took hold:   "I work with and for clients I love and who love me, earning a good income."  Soon her income doubled, then doubled again.

Rather than remain a helpless victim, Mindy chose to become the phoenix rising out of the ashes.  She developed the understanding that she was one hundred percent responsible for everything that happened in her life.  She took charge of her finances, as well as of her thoughts and beliefs.  She learned more about the power of visualization and began teaching Love Yourself Heal Your Life workshops after training with Louise Hay and Dr. Patricia Crane.

Her visualization practice came in handy when her daughter decided to drop out of high school her junior year.   Mindy and her daughter had always been at odds.  Among many things, Mindy disliked her daughter's friends, her hygiene, the incredible messiness of her room, and the amount of time she spent on the phone.  The two were constantly at war.    Eventually, her daughter went to live with her father.

Mindy realized that when it came to her daughter, she had been focusing on what she didn't want, rather than on what she did want.  So she sat down, lit a candle and wrote:   "I am so happy and grateful that my daughter is a successful, topnotch student with high self-esteem and positive goals that she is highly motivated to achieve.   Her life is filled with joy and love."  Every night for four months, Mindy lit that candle and visualized her daughter being that topnotch student.

When Charles would call to complain about his daughter, Mindy would say, "I don't want to hear about that because I'm focusing on her as I know she's capable of being."  When her daughter would attempt to engage her in a conflict, she'd say, "I am seeing you as the person you are capable of being.  Period.  That's all I'm seeing."

The result?  Her daughter returned home and graduated from high school by taking accelerated classes.   She also constructed lists of goals, each with a timeline.  Her room became spotless and well-organized.  Even better, mother and daughter began to enjoy a loving connection with one another for the first time in their lives.

One day,  Mindy attended a talk given by Les Brown, a motivational speaker who had achieved international celebrity status through his awe-inspiring speeches in front of crowds of thousands.   Les' message was, "When your heart tells you something, you've got to have the courage to act on it."

At the end of his talk, Mindy's heart spoke:  "Tell him you want him to be your personal mentor."   Shaking in her shoes at the prospect of being seen as some crazy white woman or guru-worshiper, she approached the super-motivator, and told him that she wanted him to be her personal mentor and that she would do whatever it took to accomplish that.  Les' smile and hug seemed to confirm her feeling..."Yeah, you're a crazy white lady..."

Mindy went home and began visualizing Les Brown as her personal mentor. Each night, in front of the candle she’d say, “I am so happy and grateful that Les Brown is my personal mentor.”

The next time she had an opportunity to see Les speak, she said, “Hi. It’s me, the crazy White lady who’s your future mentee.”    

This time, Les laughed and invited Mindy to join his entourage for lunch. Quite coincidentally, in the course of conversation they discovered that Les would be returning to his home in Orlando that Tuesday, while Mindy would be in Orlando for a convention the following day. Les gave Mindy his telephone number and invited her to call. In parting, Mindy handed Les a story she had written to tell him about her life. 

Moved by her story, Les invited Mindy to be part of a conference call where he would mentor 25 hand-picked speakers. He offered to do a CD and a book with each of his showcased speakers – including Mindy – as well as inviting Mindy to co-teach a seminar the next time he did one in her area.

Like a flower opening to the brilliance of the sun, Mindy's dreams are unfolding, one precious petal at a time. In her own words, Mindy has discovered that, “All you need is a little willingness to learn to love and accept who you are, and the Universe will move to reveal everything you need to know – and bring you everything you need.  The inner creates the outer-always.” 

Mindy believes that everyone has a unique gift. “If you are living your life according to what someone else says you should do, you’ll never discover your gift. My gift is to teach people simple tools to access the power of their minds and to hear the voice of their heart, so they can discover their own value and the true gifts that they have to bring to the world. I also help people to put their attention on what they want and to quit focusing on what they don’t want.”

As she applies the principles that she teaches, Mindy’s life constantly changes for the better. Does she feel fear? “Of course!” says Mindy. “But I have learned to flow with the River of Life, instead of clutching at the branches on the banks. Forget about playing it safe!  There is no safe position in life. Learn to get in the flow and you will be truly alive.”